How We're Doing Our Part To Be More Environmentally-Friendly

How We're Doing Our Part To Be More Environmentally-Friendly - Windy City Aquariums

To reduce the amount of paper and plastic we use, we have decided to re-use as much packing material, boxes, and mailers as we can to reduce the amount of waste that goes into our packaging! Yes, it may not be pretty and you might confuse an order from us as for an order from Amazon, but we believe that re-using and recycling packaging is better for our earth and the ocean! By re-using boxes and packing material that we get from our own personal online orders, or our neighbors, we will also be passing on those savings to you, our customers, by being able to offer you lower prices on goods and shipping.

Recycling Cardboard Boxes

Feel free to contact us at if you would like to donate and drop off used packaging materials, such as small cardboard shipping boxes (preferably sizes such around 12"x6"x4" or smaller), mailers, or packing materials such as unused zip-lock bags, bubble-wrap or air-packs, styrofoam, re-usable small gel cold/ice packs (preferably 6"x4" or smaller). 


We hope you will join us in re-using or recycling all your used packaging and boxes as well, to help reduce landfill waste!


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