10 Fun Novelty Gift Ideas for Aquarium Lovers and Fish Hobbyists

10 Fun Novelty Gift Ideas for Aquarium Lovers and Fish Hobbyists

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Finding the perfect gift for your aquarium loving friend or family member can be overwhelming. As an aquarium lover and fish hobbyist myself, I've spent countless hours scouring the internet for the coolest stuff and decided to put together a list of my favorite fun novelty aquarium fish-themed gifts that I feel would be perfect as a Christmas or Birthday gift for both beginner and experienced aquarium hobbyists alike. You're sure to find something for everyone! Without further ado, here's my handpicked list of the 10 Best Fun Novelty Gifts Ideas for Aquarium Lovers and Fish Hobbyists:

1. A Funny Fish-Themed Shirt (duh!)

This is probably the most common and obvious gift idea but hear me out - who doesn't love a funny shirt?!   


This Aquarium Cleaning T-Shirt is a great example of a funny (but technically practical) Shirt you can get for any aquarist to wear on Water Change Days. It comes in dark colors for obvious reasons (*cough cough* think wet t-shirt contests) and is sure to make them chuckle a little!

There are a TON of fish-themed shirts and other apparel out there on Amazon, Etsy, Zazzle, and many other online marketplaces, and I may or may not have spent almost an entire night browsing and reading all the funny shirts so I could help pick out some of the best shirts that I personally think are hilarious:

Shrimp Pimp T-Shirt | Amazon

(Buy on Amazon)

I Like Aquariums & Maybe 3 People T-Shirt | Amazon

(Buy on Amazon)

(Buy on Etsy)

(Buy on Amazon)

2. Fish Themed Jewelry

Fish Bag Earrings | Windy City Aquariums

I'm a big fan of Quirky Novelty Jewelry, like these Fish Bag Earrings from Etsy, so if your friend or family member is into that too, I've found a couple other gift worthy jewelry that you can order as a gift for them on Etsy that are bound to get them some major compliments:

Etsy Design Awards Finalist: Aquarium  Magnificent fish ring image 5
Discus Earrings  Cichlid earrings aquarium jewelrydiscus image 1

3. Neon Wall Lights

With retro fashion trends making a huge comeback this year, it's no surprise that neon lights are gaining popularity too! I absolutely love the aesthetic of neon lights, and have found a ton of tropical fish-themed neon signs that would be perfect to hang up in a fish room or any room within the house. Some of the "neon" lights for sale are actually LED lights, but they give off the same neon light aesthetic and I would argue that LEDs are better as they're a lot more energy efficient compared to real neon lights.

(Buy on Ebay) | (Buy on Etsy) | (Buy on Walmart)

(Buy on Amazon) | (Buy on Walmart)

(Buy on Amazon)

(Buy on Amazon) | (Buy on Etsy)

4. Fish Room Wall Art 

Tropical Art | Windy City Aquariums

These Tropica Art Posters feature beautiful watercolor aquarium plant species and are the perfect for hanging on the walls a tank or in a fish room! I personally have all 5 designs framed up near my tanks so I can vouch for how good they look in real life!

I also found these cool aquarium-inspired metal street signs as well which look super cool and is a great novelty gift for someone with a fish room or fish tank corner!

(Buy on Amazon)

(Buy on Amazon

5. Fish Plushies

 GreenPleco Plush on Tank
A few months ago I randomly came across GreenPleco, a store that sells these super collectible fish plushies that come complete with suction cup on their mouth, so you can mount them to the side of your tank, your car, or a window! The one that I bought for myself that's pictured above, the Sunshine Pleco Plush, and many other species of plecos, bettas, guppies, aquatic snails, etc can be purchased from their website, or their Etsy ShopI've also seen some listings on Amazon for a couple of their Betta Plushies and a Crystal Shrimp Plush.

In addition to the GreenPleco Plushies, here are a few other fish plushies that I've found that are too cute to pass up! 

Betta Fish Plushie | Amazon

(Buy on Amazon)

Betta Fish Plushie | Amazon

 (Buy on Amazon) | (Buy Similar Plushie on Etsy)

Axolotyl Pushie | Amazon

(Buy on Amazon) | (Buy on Etsy)

Goldfish Plushie | Amazon


(Buy on Amazon)

5. Miniature Desktop "Fish Tanks"  

Miniature Fish Tank | Amazon

This Miniature Fish Tank is a cute novelty gift for any aquarium lover looking for something that is easy to maintain, to put on display on their desk at home or at work. It includes an LED Light and a small sump at the bottom for filtration, so you easily can grow live aquatic plants in it. Please note however that this tank is way too small and should not be used to house any live fish (especially Bettas), but you should be able to keep a few Ramshorn Snails or Pond and Bladder Snails in it to act as a mini clean up crew to help maintain the aquascape.

6. Books & Guides

Aquscaping by George Farmer

Aquscaping by George Farmer is a book that would make a great edition to any aquarium enthusiast's library or coffee table. It currently holds the title of "#1 Best Seller" and "#1 Most Wished" in Fish & Aquarium Care books on Amazon, so it is a book that is likely on their wish list. It contains lots of tips and tricks, and has step-by-step guides on creating and maintaining an underwater garden using graphic descriptions and beautiful photographs of aquascapes, making it a perfect book for someone who's more of a visual learner.

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walstad

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana Walstad is a must have for any aquarium enthusiast who is interested in learning more about the Walstad Method (a method of setting up an aquarium that was popularized by Diana Walstad in this book). This book presents scientific information on setting up and maintaining a successful low-tech planted freshwater tank, which is tank that is maintained without the use of CO2 injection, fertilizers, expensive lighting, and other high-tech gadgets.

7. Fish Themed Lego & Building Block Sets

LEGO Creator 3in1 Fish Tank 31122 BuildingToy; Great Gift for Kids (352 Pieces)

The LEGO Creator Fish Tank Set is a perfect gift for aquarium enthusiasts that love hands on projects. While it technically states that it's made for kids who are 8+, I would argue that this set is still a cool collectible that any aquarium hobbyist would be happy to put on display on their desk at work or at home, or on a display shelf at home!

Fish Tank Building Block Set | Amazon

I've also found this Fish Tank Building Block Set on Amazon, which is similar to the Lego , which includes a light set so your creation can be used as a cute little night light. 

8. Fish Lamp 

Jellyfish LED Lamp | Amazon

(Buy on Amazon)

Fish Lava Lamp | Amazon

(Buy on Amazon) 

This Jellyfish LED Lamp and Fish Lava Lamp make for a perfect night light for any aquarium lover's bedroom. They both feature artificial fish in a color changing tube that float around with the water current, creating a soothing and calming image to stare at or fall asleep to.

9. The Game of Fish Compatibility Board Game

Recently, I randomly came across a freshwater fish themed board game on Amazon, Freshwater Tank: The Game of Fish Compatibility Board Game, which is the only board game that I could find that is freshwater fish or aquarium themed. It features 4 difficulties (Novice, Beginner, Competent, and Expert) so no matter one's experience level in fish-keeping, they should be able to have fun playing it. To win the game, you have to be the first to collect a total of 10 fish that will go well together, making it a perfect gift for beginner aquarists that'll help educate them on the compatibility of different freshwater fish species.

10. Aquaponics Kit

(Buy on Amazon) | (Buy on Walmart)

Buy on Amazon) | (Buy on Walmart)

The AquaSprouts Aquaponics Garden (pictured on the left) or the Back to the Roots Water Garden Duo (pictured on the right) are great starter aquaponics kits that'll allow Aquarium Enthusiasts to be able to grow their own favorite herbs, vegetables, and other plants anywhere, all-year-round as the fish waste fertilizes the plants on top and the plants help act as natural filtration to help remove Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate from the water below. It is also a great educational tool that can be used to teach kids about natural ecosystems.

(P.S. If you're interested in learning more about growing house plants in an aquarium, then check out one of my most popular blog posts: A Guide To Growing House Plants In An Aquarium)

Still Can't Find The Perfect Gift?

Windy City Aquariums e-Gift Card

Well, if none of the items in this guide seem to be something the aquarium lover in your life may want, you can always give them the gift of choice with a Windy City Aquariums e-Gift Card and let them decide for themselves! Besides Live Aquarium Plants, Live Freshwater Snails, Aquarium Equipment and Accessories, and Live Houseplants, we also have a bunch of aquarium and houseplant themed gifts and apparel for sale too in our Gifts & Apparel Collection.


Finding the perfect gift for your aquarium enthusiast friend or loved one can be difficult, especially if you aren't an aquarium hobbyist yourself. This guide features a wide range of fun novelty gifts for aquarium lovers of all ages, all handpicked by an avid aquarium lover (me), so I'm confident you'll manage to find the perfect gift for them using this guide. I personally love the Tropical Fish Neon Light and the Betta Plushies (and there's a very high chance I will be buying these as a gift to myself this Christmas #TreatYo'self)but if you're looking for a gift that won't break the bank, I would recommend getting them a funny aquarium themed shirt, the Tropica Art Posters, or the Fish Bag Earrings!

Let us know which gift is your favorite in the comments box below!

P.S., if you're looking for other gift ideas for other pets you may have, I'd recommend checking out Etsy's Gift Guide for Pets for unique handmade gifts for your furry friends!


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