Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Fish Keeper

Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Fish Keeper

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It's that time of the year again when we dive deep into the task of finding the perfect presents for our beloved fish keeper friends and family. Whether you're a fellow enthusiast seeking inspiration or if you're a friend or family member looking for a special gift for your the aquarium enthusiast in your life, you've come to the right place.

In the spirit of tradition and with the ever-growing passion for fishkeeping in mind, we're thrilled to present our latest guide on choosing gifts for different types of fish keepers. Building on the success of last year's article where we featured 10 Fun Novelty Gift Ideas for Aquarium Lovers and Fish Hobbyists, we're back with fresh ideas and tailored gift recommendations for 6 different types of fish enthusiasts:

  1. 1. Beginner Fish Keepers: Someone who's just dipping their toes into the world of fish keeping.
  2. 2. Tech Savvy Fish Keepers: The fish keepers who are all about gadgets and gizmos, and are on a mission to automate everything in their fish room.
  3. 3. Crazy Fish Mom/Dad: These fish keepers' love for fish/aquariums knows no bounds. It is an integral part of their life, evident in both their home decor and wardrobe choices.
  4. 4. Underwater Gardeners: These fish keepers have mastered the art of maintaining thriving aquariums (and possibly thriving gardens/indoor houseplant collections too!)
  5. 5. IRL Parents: These are the fish keepers who are also a parent to human children.
  6. 6. Multi-Pet Maestros: These fish keepers run a mini zoo at home.

Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one or simply want to treat yourself to something special, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore a variety of gift options tailored to the unique needs and interests of the 6 fish keeper personas mentioned above. So, dive in, explore the options, and hopefully, this article will help you find that perfect present!

1. The Beginner Fish Keeper

This fish keeper is just dipping their toes into the world of aquariums. They're enthusiastic but might still be figuring out the difference between a tetra and a guppy. Their aquarium might have a goldfish named "Goldie", a plant that’s seen better days, or a plastic plant they've mistaken for a real one.

Gift Idea #1: API Master Test Kit

Many beginners think that setting up an aquarium is as simple as adding water, decor, and fish. Often, they are unaware of the invisible ecological processes that are taking place in their tank or underestimate the importance of cycling a tank as they struggle to understand how the Nitrogen Cycle works .

Maintaining water quality is crucial in fishkeeping, so gifting a water quality test kit like the API Freshwater Master Test Kit is not only practical but also a rite of passage in the fishkeeping world.

( Buy on Amazon )

You could include a humorous note saying, "Now you can test the waters before your fish have to!" and write down the link to our Guide to Cycling a Tank .

Gift Idea #2: Rimless Aquarium

Rimless aquariums provide a beautiful and unique viewing experience - an unobstructed and clear view of the aquatic world inside. UNS' Rimless Aquariums, in particular, are some of the highest quality Rimless Aquariums one can buy in my opinion. Most of my tanks are UNS Rimless Aquariums, so I can personally attest that they are THE Crème de la crème when it comes to Rimless Aquariums!
( Aquascaped UNS Rimless Aquarium )

If you are a Chicago local and would like to order one, you can check out what we have available here! Unfortunately, certain UNS Rimless Aquarium Models may be hard to come by and sell out quickly. Inventory can vary depending on demand and supply, so if you are looking for a specific-sized Rimless Aquarium to gift someone and there isn't stock available, I would recommend checking out Landen rimless aquariums on Amazon as an alternative. I have a couple of Landen Rimless Aquariums and they are of great quality too!

Gift Idea #3: Informational Books

While the internet is a vast source of information, it can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for beginners. Books, on the other hand, offer curated and comprehensive knowledge in one place. They are structured to provide a step-by-step understanding of the fundamentals of fishkeeping, making it easier for newcomers to grasp the essentials.

Besides the books I've already recommended in 10 Fun Novelty Gift Ideas for Aquarium Lovers and Fish Hobbyists, you could consider getting them the slightly humorous, yet practical classic: Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies Book.

( Buy on Amazon)

2. The Tech-Savvy Fish Keeper :

These fish keepers are all about gadgets and gizmos and are always thinking about ways to automate something else in their fish room. You’ll find them raving about the latest aquarium tech, or bragging about how they've integrated new tech into their smart home setup. They've installed a security camera in their fish room and spend most of their time at work secretly monitoring their tank from their phone.

Before purchasing anything I recommend in this blog post, it's important to consider a couple of things:

  • - Compatibility with Existing Setup - Make sure that any technology you are planning to gift them is compatible with their existing smart home system (if they have one set up, which they likely do).
  • - Avoid Duplication -Check discreetly or consult with someone close to the recipient to ensure they don't already own the item you're considering as a gift.

Gift Idea #1: Automated/Programmable Devices

If they don't already have these, you can consider gifting them an automatic water top-off system, automatic fish feeder, programmable auto dosing pump (to dose liquid aquarium plant fertilizers on a schedule), or a programmable Aquarium Light.

Useek Auto Water Top Off

( Buy on Amazon )

Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder

( Buy on Amazon )

Jebao DP-3 Programmable Auto Dosing Pump

( Buy on Amazon )

Fluval Plant 3.0 LED Planted Aquarium Lighting

( Buy on Amazon )

Gift Idea #2: Devices to help Monitor their Fish and their Environment

Many automated/smart devices offer the ability to monitor an environment remotely, giving one peace of mind when away from home. For example, you could gift them a set of Water Leak Detectors that will help alert them about fish tank leaks that may otherwise go undetected (every fish keeper's nightmare!), or an Underwater Camera that can live stream from inside an aquarium or pond to monitor their fish are just a couple examples of interesting and truly thoughtful tech gadgets that you could gift a tech-savvy fish keeper.

Govee WiFi Water Leak Detector with Adjustable Alarm and App Alerts

( Buy on Amazon )

Barlus Underwater Camera with Live Streaming for Aquarium/Pond

( Buy on Amazon )

3. The Crazy Fish Mom/Dad

These are aquarium enthusiasts whose love for fish/aquariums knows no bounds. They revel in acquiring anything and everything fish-related. From fish-patterned clothing and accessories to home decorations featuring fish motifs, their love for the hobby is showcased in every aspect of their life. They'll often say something along the lines of "It's not an addiction, it's a lifestyle!". If you were thinking of getting them a funny fish shirt/mug, just know that they probably already have more than one can count on one hand!

Gift Idea #1: Home Accessories

Figurine Goldfish Statue Decor
( Buy on Amazon )

KARE Betta Fish Decorative Object in Gold

( Buy on Amazon )

"There's Like, A Lot of Fish in Here." Sign Funny Reefer Fish Keeper Sign Fish lover Gift Funny Fish White

( From BlueFoxGifts | Etsy )

The Bubble Jug® Fish Shaped Pitcher Jug

( Buy on Amazon )

Celestial Pearl Danio Pint Glass

( From Lymelark | Etsy )

Polyresin Blowfish Handmade Spiked Sculpture with Stand

( Buy on Amazon | Walmart )

Gift Idea #2: Handmade Accessories

These unique pieces are made/designed by independent artists/creators will have them looking snazzy! Unlike other accessories that might end up in the back of their closet or drawer, these unique beautiful pieces are something they might wear to show off their love for the fish hobby.

Dumbo Ear Betta Enamel Pin

( From LuckyFishPinStudio | Etsy )

Rainbowfish Enamel Pin

Rainbowfish Freshwater Aquarium Fish Enamel Pin / Cute Lucky image 1

( From LuckyFishPinStudio | Etsy )

Neon Tetra Dangle Earrings

Neon Tetra Dangle Earrings || Kitsch Quirky Whimsical Fish || Laser Cut Wood Statement Jewellery

( From chescatheillustrator | Etsy )

Fancy Guppy Tropical Fish Necklace

Fancy Guppy Tropical Fish Necklace || Quirky Whimsical Animal Jewellery

( From chescatheillustrator | Etsy )

Gift Idea #3: Christmas Tree Ornaments

I've scoured the depths of the internet for any fish-themed ornaments I could find, and let's just say, there's a sea of... well, not-so-great looking ornaments out there. You know, those cheap, flat-printed DIY-looking ornaments that look like they've been fished out of an Etsy seller's clearance bin at a craft fair? Yeah, no thanks. These ornaments are truly worthy of being adorned on a fishkeeper's Christmas tree.

Festive Clownfish in Santa Hat - Blown Glass Christmas Ornament

( Buy on Amazon )

Yellow Fishes Inside Fish Tank - Blown Glass Christmas Ornament

( Buy on Amazon | Walmart )

Kurt Adler Noble Gems Glass Goldfish Ornament

( Buy on Amazon )

Old World Betta Fish Christmas Glass Ornament

( Buy on Amazon )

Old World Tetra Fish Christmas Ornament

( Buy on Amazon | Walmart )

Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament - My First Pet Fish
Personalized Fish Tank Christmas Tree Ornament
( Buy on Amazon )

4. The Underwater Gardener

Thinks of their tank as their underwater canvas. Plants in their aquarium aren’t just surviving; they’re thriving. These plant gurus can be found lovingly pruning aquatic plants, and can spend hours adjusting a single plant or re-doing their hardscape. Their tanks are always spotlessly clean, and they can spend hours getting the perfect aquascape.

These aquarists probably have a house full of thriving houseplants too, and have probably googled how they can incorporate their houseplants into their aquarium, having read our Guide To Growing House Plants In An Aquarium.

Gift Idea #1: High Quality Aquascaping Tools

Aquascaping Tools to an aquascaper are like paintbrushes to Da Vinci, and the UNS Aquascaping Tools are some of the best quality tools you can get, because regular scissors and tweezers just won’t do!

( From Left to Right: UNS Magnetic Tool Bar , UNS Limited Black Spring Scissors, UNS Stainless Steel Straight Scissors, UNS Limited Black Wave Scissors,UNS Stainless Steel Curved Fine Tip Pinsette )

Gift Idea #2: DIY CO2 Kit for Easy Lush Plant Growth

Because sometimes, plants need a little extra boost, and the Aquario NEO CO2 Kit comes with simple set up instructions and all the necessary equipment, making it extremely easy to start injecting CO2 into a planted aquarium to achieve better plant growth.

( Example of the Aquario NEO CO2 Kit in action )

Gift Idea #3: Houseplant Holders

A plant holder that allows fish keepers to grow houseplants out of their aquarium is the perfect gift to help enhance the beauty and functionality of their tank. It's a thoughtful present that combines the joys of fishkeeping with the pleasures of caring for houseplants.

As mentioned in my Guide To Growing House Plants In An Aquarium, incorporating houseplants into an aquarium can contribute to a more natural and balanced aquatic environment, benefiting the well-being of a tank's inhabitants.

Aquarium Plant Holder with Hooks and Suction Cups
( Buy on Amazon )

Aquarium Plant Holder for Tank

( Buy on Amazon )

5. The IRL Parent

This aquarium enthusiast is a master of balancing fishkeeping with child rearing. Likely to have a fish named Nemo or Dory. Their goal is to stealthily instill a love for aquariums in their kids, much like a culinary ninja sneaking vegetables into spaghetti sauce.

Gift Idea #1: Educational and Sensory Toys

These toys provide a gateway to early learning and sensory development. They are a fantastic way to spark curiosity straight from the crib, teaching the wonders of aquatic life in a playful and engaging manner.

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib Toy & Sound Machine

VTech Learn & Spin Aquarium Toy
VTech Learn and Spin Aquarium Toy

( Buy on Amazon )

Learn With Me - Color Fun Fish Bowl

( Buy on Amazon )

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby & Toddler Toy Magical Lights Fishbowl

( Buy on Amazon )

Gift Idea #2: Plastic Pet Fish Toy

These are a great way to teach responsibility, without risking the life or endangering any real fish - if they can take care of a plastic fish, then they're ready for the real deal!

(Disclaimer: We do not endorse gifting anyone a live pet without their prior consent)

Little Live Pets - Lil' Dippers: Fantasea - Interactive Toy Fish & Tank
( Buy on Amazon )

Robo Alive Robo Fish Robotic Swimming Fish

( Buy on Amazon )

Gift Idea #3: Instant Aquatic Pet STEM Kits

Instant aquatic pet STEM kits have been a childhood staple for generations and is what started me down the path of discovering the fish hobby. They're an excellent way for the older kids to learn about life cycles, responsibility, and the basics of aquatic care. Nowadays you can find a variety of Instant aquatic pet STEM kits out there marketed under a variety of brand names, such as HydroPets , Triops , and Aqua Dragons.

Sea Monkey's Plastic Schylling Ocean Zoo

( Buy on Amazon )

HydroPets Live Sea Pets Habitat Kit, Light Up Tank

( Buy on Amazon )

Little Live Aqua Dragons - Deep Sea Habitat

( Buy on Amazon )

Deluxe Triops Kit
( Buy on Amazon )

Gift Idea #4: Aquarium Themed Board Games

Gifting a board game with an aquatic or aquarium theme to a fish keeper parent is a thoughtful and multifaceted gift that can help nurture their children's interest in the hobby, educate them, and provide a fun, interactive activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Lucky for you, I've found a couple more on Amazon since my last gift-related blog article!

Ultimate Aquarium by The Dusty Top Hat - an Easy and Relaxing Card Game for All Ages
( Buy on Amazon )

The Finest Fish by Last Night Games - Mensa Recommended Strategic Board Game

( Buy on Amazon )

6. The Multi-Pet Maestro

This Fish Keeper runs a mini zoo at home. It's a delicate balancing act keeping everyone happy and not eating each other. To them, their betta is not just a fish; it's a family member with a personality bigger than its tank.

Gift Idea #1: Fish-Themed Dog/Cat Toys

Gifting fish-themed dog toys or cat toys is practically guaranteed to bring joy to any multi-pet aquarium enthusiast. Picture this: the amusement of watching their dog gleefully chase a fish-shaped toy or their cat enthusiastically pouncing on a ball adorned with a fish motif!

It could also serve as the ideal diversion, allowing the fish keeper to spend more quality time with their aquatic pets while their furry friend is entranced by the new fishy toy. It's a win-win scenario that keeps everyone happily occupied!

Barkbox Under The Sea Dog Toy Bundle
( Buy on Amazon )

KONG Bat-A-Bout Glow Aquarium Cat Toy

KONG Bat-A-Bout Glow Aquarium Cat Toy

( Buy on Walmart )

Gift Idea #2: Fish-Themed Novelty Cat Scratchers

A fish-themed cat tree not only adds a whimsical and aquatic-inspired touch to the fish keeper's home but also serves as a multifunctional solution. It provides entertainment and exercise for the cat, keeping it engaged and happily distracted from the allure of the fish tanks. Plus, it offers a much-needed break for the owner, who's probably grown weary of perpetually playing the role of "cat paw bouncer" at the aquarium, ensuring that fish and feline can coexist in harmony.

43" Fish Themed Cat Tree

( Buy on Amazon )

QWINEE Fish Cat Scratcher

( Buy on Amazon )


In conclusion, the world of fishkeeping is a diverse and fascinating one, filled with enthusiasts of all kinds, each with their unique preferences and interests. When it comes to selecting the perfect gift for a passionate individual, it's essential to consider their specific tastes and needs. By tailoring your gift to the specific interests and needs of the fish keeper, you not only show your thoughtfulness but also contribute to their enjoyment of this captivating hobby.

Remember, the best gifts not only reflect your understanding of their passion but also encourage their growth and enjoyment of the hobby. Whether it's fostering creativity, simplifying maintenance, or supporting their journey as a fish parent, your thoughtful gift will undoubtedly be appreciated as it is the thought that truly counts.

However, if you find yourself in doubt or want to give them the freedom to curate their aquatic adventure, remember the ever-reliable e-Gift Card! Especially if this is a gift you're trying to find at the last minute. This thoughtful gesture empowers them to select the exact items that they want, ensuring your gift is not only appreciated but also put to good use.

So, whether you're celebrating a holiday, or special occasion, expressing gratitude, or simply spreading some fishy cheer, you now have a treasure trove of gift ideas to dive into. We hope you've found this guide useful! If you have, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below!


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