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Orange Pumpkin Shrimp

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These Orange Pumpkin Shrimp are 100% homebred in Chicago! Orange Pumpkin Shrimp, also known as Orange Sunkist Shrimp or Orange Sakura Shrimp, are... READ MORE

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These Orange Pumpkin Shrimp are 100% homebred in Chicago!

Orange Pumpkin Shrimp, also known as Orange Sunkist Shrimp or Orange Sakura Shrimp, are a selectively bred color mutation of Red Cherry Shrimp. They breed 100% true and just as prolific as Red Cherry Shrimp once they reach maturity, as long as they are kept in favorable tank conditions. We recommend that your aquarium is well-established and cycled before adding any shrimp, as shrimp can be very sensitive to high ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. We recommend frequent small water changes, rather than large water changes, as shrimp can be sensitive to drastic changes in parameters. 

Click here to view our guide on caring & breeding Neocaridina Shrimp!

These shrimp have been bred in our own personal aquariums, so they are well-adjusted to local Chicago tap water.

Recommended Parameters:

  • Ph:¬†6.5-8.0 (Ours:¬† 7.4)
  • Gh:¬†7 to 15 (Ours: 7-8)
  • Kh:¬†¬†2 to 10 (Ours: 2-4)
  • TDS:¬†180 to 400 (Ours: 200-250)
  • Temp:¬†68F to 80F (Ours: 74-78)
  • Tank Size: Minimum 2 Gallons (5 Shrimp per Gallon should be fine)

Shrimp are scavengers that feed continually. They require little feeding in a well-established aquarium containing algae, biofilm, or decaying plant matter. They thrive in heavily planted setups with lots of shelter and hiding spots. A heavily planted tank is definitely a must if you plan on keeping fish with the shrimp, to allow them to feel safe and secure, especially after a molt, and to allow their offspring to hide from any potential predators (your fish). Some fish may try to eat their young, or even the adults themselves, so please be cautious when adding them to a tank with fish. We find that they do best in shrimp and snail only tanks.

NOTE: You will likely receive un-sexed juvenile shrimp, instead of adult shrimp, as they generally ship and adapt to new environments better. We may add an extra 1-2 shrimp in case of DOAs (Dead On Arrivals). Any extra shrimp given are not covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee Policy.

Customer Reviews

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J. S.

I would give this a higher review but in 1 week half of the shrimp died. The water parameters were perfect for the shrimp, but some of them were not doing too hot after shipping. My first death was in about 5 hours after the package arrived and another one was yesterday. Hoped for a little better. The shrimp that are still doing great. I’m just assuming I got the bad batch.

We'r sorry to hear some of your shrimp did not make it... We do offer a 2 hour DOA guarantee on all our shrimp but past that we unfortunately cannot guarantee the survival of the shrimp as shrimp can be very sensitive to new water parameters and stress from being shipped, which is why we always recommend drip acclimating them if your water parameters are different to ours. Our shrimp have been bred in our tanks for almost two years now so they are relatively hardy, but again, there are many other factors that may lead to their deaths besides water parameters which we unfortunately do not have control over, and they may not be very obvious. We do hope that the remaining shrimp you have are healthy and happy in their new home though!


These guys arrived safely, packaged well. They were super healthy when I received them with no signs of stress and acclimated easily to the tank. They're still doing well happily eating all day. Some are not as brightly colored as others, which is to be expected. Gabriella patiently answered all of my questions regarding acclimation and shrimp care, which shows they really care about their livestock!

Barbara Smith

A little smaller than I was expecting but all shrimp arrived alive and looked healthy. They colored up after a few hours in their new tanks. Shipping was super fast, would totally buy again!

Rachel Prey

All shrimp arrived alive and after acclimating they colored up very quickly and are already a bright orange. Very happy with my shrimp!

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