Tired of spending lots of money on liquid fertilizers every? Then try Windy City Aquarium's Macro/Micro DIY liquid fertilizer mix! A much cheaper alternative to many big brands' fertilizers, such as Seachem Flourish. Each order comes with a small measuring cup for you to measure your dose. We ship them in dry form as shipping them this way helps keep shipping cost low for buyers and eliminates any possibility of liquid spilling during shipment. Each pack makes 1 Liter worth of fertilizer


  • 1 liter/1000ml bottle treats 5,000 gallons


FISH AND INVERTEBRATE SAFE. We use both macro and micro fertilizers in both our fish and shrimp tanks.


DIY Liquid Fertilizer Mix (Macro/Micro)

  • Simply add the entire pack of dry mix fertilizer to your own bottle with 1 Liter of reverse osmosis, distilled or dechlorinated tap water (Preferably R/O or distilled water) and wait overnight before using the fertilizer to let all the chemicals dissolve into the water. Dose 1ml per 5 gallons once or twice a week depending on your setup. SHAKE WELL EACH TIME BEFORE USE.


    If you are using both the Macro and Micro fertilizer mix, dose each separately on different days. E.g. Monday and Thursday dose Macro fertilizer and Tuesday and Friday Dose Micro Fertilizer to ensure you don't overload your tank with fertilizer. Please monitor your parameters to determine how much fertilizer is optimal for your setup.


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