Return & Exchange Policy

We take great pride in all the plants, animals, and products sold at our store. However, issues may arise in extreme weather conditions, or if the shipping carrier loses your package or failing to deliver it on time. While it's unlikely you'll experience an issue outside of these circumstances, we will do our best to make things right if you do. 

All pictures on our website are examples of what the plants/animals will look like, and the plants or animals that you will receive naturally might vary in color or size.

We do not accept refunds, returns or exchanges for any plants due to issues such as snails, algae or other pests as we do not guarantee any of our non-tissue cultured plants to be snail, algae, or pest free. 

The following policies are applicable for any products that you purchased from us.

Replacement/Exchange Policy

Any shipping costs associated with the replacement/exchange of any item(s) purchased from us or our website (that is determined by us to be eligible for a replacement) will have to be paid for by the customer. All replacements are considered final and we will not replace the replacement. 

Any replacements due to damage by the shipping carrier will be sent once a claim has been filed and we have been reimbursed by the carrier for any damages.

DO NOTE: For USPS First Class Mail, shipments are uninsured unless otherwise noted, and in the rare event that a shipment sent by USPS First-Class is lost or damaged, we unfortunately cannot provide replacements, so we highly recommend against using this service.

Return Policy

Any item(s) returned to us by the shipping carrier due to issues outside of our control (incorrect/insufficient shipping address, failure to be present during the first or subsequent delivery attempts, etc) will be re-shipped to you at your cost of shipping. We will not be liable for any additional costs associated with re-shipping these returned item(s), including any costs for replacement for perishable items.

For Live Plants & Animals

Live plants and animals cannot be returned for a refund as they are live items. If you receive damaged or dead plants or animals, please ensure you follow the guidelines stated in our Live Arrival Policy to make sure you are eligible for a refund or replacement.

For Dry-Goods

Dry-Goods that are eligible for a return will be accepted at our own discretion, provided it is undamaged (meaning that it is in its original condition and not used), and also in its original box/packaging (if it applies). Do note that this also applies to any incorrect item(s) sent. We will happily refund the cost of the returned item(s) minus the initial shipping/delivery cost (which is strictly non-refundable in any case) and other non-refundable fees, as long as you return it within 14 days at your own cost after it has been delivered to you as marked by the shipping carrier. 

In the very rare event that an item is damaged during transit by the shipping courier and we decide that we would like you to return the item to us, we may decide to pay for the shipping cost and will send you the return label and instructions on how to return it to us. In this case, we will also need clear evidence of the damage sent to us via email to file a claim with the shipping carrier within 48 hours of the timestamped delivery, and we will issue a refund or send a replacement only if the claim has been accepted and paid by the shipping courier if the damage/loss is deemed to be caused by the shipping courier and not due to something on our part. Please note we cannot reimburse/send replacements for packages/items that are stolen at any point during transit as this is beyond our control. Please make sure you send any returns (if we require you to do so) for damaged goods within 14 days of the time-stamped delivery once we have approved your return. 

Please note that we will only be able to assist you with filing a claim if clear evidence of the damage to the item, box, and other necessary photos as deemed by the shipping carrier, is sent to us within 48 hours so that we can file/process the claim in a timely fashion. If any evidence sent after 48 hours of us requesting them, we may not be able to assist you in filing the claim. 

If you are returning an item, it is your responsibility to get the item back to us safely and without further damage. We highly recommend using a tracked and insured service for any returns.

We will not accept any undamaged items that become damaged during the return process and will not be liable for any further damages to the items that occur during transit. 

Do note that a 10% restocking fee might apply to any items returned due to buyer remorse or any other reason, and not damage due to our part.

For Dry-Goods that are covered under a warranty by the manufacturer, such as UNS Products, it will be their responsibility to provide a replacement unit or to fix the unit in accordance to their warranty, so we highly recommend reaching our to the manufacturer directly if your unit is not working as intended.

You may register your purchased product here: or contact UNS directly here: if you are having any issues with their products.

We will not accept returns or issue any refunds for any products that are deemed by any manufacturer to not be covered for a replacement or repair under the terms of their warranty, or have already been repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.