The plants in this collection are some that are either uncommon or rare in the aquarium hobby and are well sought-after by plant collectors. We may only have these plants for a limited time, so be sure to snag them as soon as you can!

Rotala Bonsai


Rotala Indica Bonsai, also commonly known as Rotala Bonsai or Ammania Bonsai, is a rare species of Rotala that has small compact oval shaped leaves. It is much slower growing than most other stem...

Ludwigia Inclinata Cuba


Ludwigia Inclinata var Cuba, or Ludwigia Cuba, is an aquatic stem plant that originates from a small island off the coast of Cuba. It can vary in appearance depending on whether...

Alternanthera Reineckii 'Rosanervig'


Alternanthera Reineckii 'Rosanervig'  is an uncommon variety of Alternanthera that features deep pink to red leaves with lightly colored veins. It is best suited as a midground or background plant and with its unique patterning and...

Bacopa Caroliniana Red


Bacopa Caroliniana Red is a variation of Bacopa Caroliniana that can achieve red coloration with Medium-High intensity lighting. Although it can still thrive in Low Light conditions, it will typically stay...

Anubias Nana Pinto


Anubias Nana Pinto, also known as Anubias Nana Marbled White, is a variegated variant of Anubias nana that has been cultivated through many generations of careful selection. Each leaf is unique...

Hyptis Lorentziana


Hyptis Lorentziana, also referred to as "Hemigraphis traian", is a rare aquatic plant that originated from Brazil, but can now be found in other parts of South America. It features uniquely shaped...

Rotala "Orange Juice"


Rotala Rotundifolia 'Orange Juice' is a new variety of Rotala Rotundifolia which originates from Italy. As its name suggests, it has leaves that are bright orange to light pink in color depending on the intensity of the...

Lindernia sp. "India" Variegated


Lindernia sp. "India" Variegated, or Lindernia Rotundifolia "Variegated", is an uncommon plant that is native to Asia. This unique plant has pale green stripes that run from the base of the...

Red Jungle Vallisneria


Red Jungle Vallisneria (Vallisneria Gigantea Rubra), also known as Jungle Val Ruby Red, is a variation of regular Jungle Val which has leaves that can grow red in color at the tips if grown under medium to...

Piptospatha Ridleyi


Piptospatha Ridleyi is a rare plant originating from Borneo that has unique dark green leaves which can develop a light green variegation. It belongs in the same family as Bucephalandras,...

Variegated Water Lettuce


Variegated Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes 'variegated') is a rare compact variety of water lettuce with beautiful leaves that feature splashes of creamy-yellow variegation.  The variegation will get stronger in subdued light...

Tiger Striped Frogbit


Tiger Striped Frogbit is a rare variation of Frogbit with leaves that feature tiger-like stripes around the edges. Compared to Common Frogbit, its leaves tend to be smaller and more...

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