Every month we pick a selection of either plants that we think have become "hot" or "popular"Ā recently, or plants that we think deserve some spotlight!Ā 

So, if you're looking for recommendations on new plants, this is the place to look, and weĀ recommend visiting this page often to discover new plants to add to your collection!

Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard


Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard, or Vallisneria Spiralis Tiger,Ā isĀ a rarer variety of Vallisneria Spirals that featuresĀ stripes or spotsĀ on long straight leaves that can vary from green to red depending on the light...

Stromanthe Triostar


Stromanthe Triostar, also known as Tricolor Prayer plant, Tricolor Calathea, orĀ Magenta Triostar, is a beautifulĀ plant that has pointed green leaves that are splashed with pale green, cream, and pink onĀ theĀ topĀ and...

Bacopa Caroliniana Red


Bacopa Caroliniana Red is a variation of Bacopa Caroliniana that can achieve red coloration with Medium-High intensity lighting. Although it can stillĀ thrive in Low Light conditions, it will typically stay...

Baltic Blue Pothos

$7.50 ā€“ $24.50

Baltic Blue Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum) isĀ a beautiful houseplant that is native to French Polynesia. It is super easy to grow and is a well sought after house plant for its...

Anubias Nana Pinto


Anubias Nana Pinto, also known as Anubias NanaĀ Marbled White, is a variegated variant of Anubias nana that has been cultivated through many generations of careful selection. Each leaf is unique...

Aglaonema Pink Siam Aurora


Aglaonema Pink Aurora is a unique variety of Aglaonema, or Chinese Evergreens, thatĀ has long green leaves with creamy yellow variegation and light pink edges.Ā It's a easy plant to care for,...

Aglaonema "Reverse Maria"

$23.00 ā€“ $24.00

This hybrid Aglaonema "Reverse Maria" is a unique variety of Aglaonema that features long green and silver variegated leaves.Ā It's definitely a must-have for any plant collector! NOTE: The plants will...

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