Echinodorus plants, or more commonly known as "Sword Plants" is a common and popular freshwater aquarium plant that is native to the Western Hemisphere from the central United States to Argentina. Sword Plants are very easy to care for and are beginner-friendly. They come in many variations of coloration, patterns, and shapes, and are great background plants due to their ability to grow tall and to spread out wide. 
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Amazon Sword - Windy City Aquariums

Amazon Sword

The Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus grisebachii/amazonicus) is one of the oldest and most widely loved aquarium plants in the hobby due to its ease of care and ability to tolerate a wide...
Oriental Sword (Echinodorus Oriental) - Windy City Aquariums

Oriental Sword

Oriental Swords are a colorful and bold plant hybrid that grows bright pink new leaves. Hybridized by Oriental Aquarium in Singapore, these sword plants grow tall are perfect for mid-...
Ozelot Red Sword (Echinodorus 'Ozelot') | Windy City Aquariums

Ozelot Red Sword

The Ozelot Red Sword, or Echinodorus "Ozelot Red", is a colorful and bold plant perfect for the mid or background section of an aquarium. It has short stems with large ovoid leaves that display hardy...
Radican Marble Queen Sword - Windy City Aquariums

Radican Marble Queen Sword

Echinodorus cordifolius which is commonly known as the Radican Sword Plant or Marble Queen Radican, has multiple very large leaves. This plant is amphibious, and will grow out of the aquarium...
Red Flame Sword - Windy City Aquariums

Red Flame Sword

Echinodorus "Red Flame", or Red Flame Sword plant, is one of the easiest red colored sword plants to grow in the aquarium. It is very similar to the Red Ozelot Sword in terms...