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Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana) - Windy City Aquariums

Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana)

$4.99 – $134.99
Vesicularia dubyana, commonly known as Java moss, is an especially hardy and low-maintenance aquarium plant, making it a popular choice amongst aquarists. It is native to southeast Asia, where it...
Ludwigia Super Red Mini

Ludwigia Super Red Mini

Mini Super Red Ludwigia (Ludwigia sp. “Super Red Mini”) Mini Super Red Ludwigia (Ludwigia sp. “Super Red Mini”) is an attractive and highly sought-after plant. Proper care and suitable water parameters...
Christmas Moss - Windy City Aquariums

Christmas Moss

$5.99 – $169.99
NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDERED item which should be ready to ship out after the 9th of February. Orders containing pre-ordered items won't ship until we have all items instock so please do not...
Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Red" - Windy City Aquariums

Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Red"

Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Red" is a common and popular plant, perfect for beginners. It thrives in a wide range of water conditions, and will do well even in low-lighting. The appearance...
Ivory Mystery Snails (Pomacea Bridgesii) - Windy City Aquariums

Ivory Mystery Snails

These gorgeous Ivory, pearl-like Mystery Snails (Pomacea Bridgesii) are great at cleaning algae off of glass, plants, and decorations. They are able to co-habit well with any fish, shrimp, or plants, and are completely...
Pearl Weed - Windy City Aquariums

Pearl Weed

Micranthemum Micranthemoides, also known as Pearl Grass or Pearl Weed, is an excellent foreground plant to midground plant and will grow very fast in a Med to High Tech tank,...
Anacharis - Windy City Aquariums


Anacharis (Egeria Densa), also known as Brazilian Waterweed, is the ideal aquatic plant for beginners due to its easy-care and fast growth rate. It features beautiful green leaves with a...
Anubias Nana "Petite" - Windy City Aquariums

Anubias Nana "Petite"

$7.50 – $8.99
Nana Petite is one of the most sought-after Anubias. Like any other Anubias, it's an extremely easy plant to grow and can survive a wide range of water parameters. They can grow...
Ludwigia Repens Dark Red - Windy City Aquariums

Ludwigia Repens Dark Red

Ludwigia Repens Dark Red, is a relatively fast-growing and low-maintenance aquatic plant, making it an ideal choice for beginners looking to start a planted tank. Its leaves display a striking...
Pond and Bladder Snails (20-25) - Windy City Aquariums

Pond and Bladder Feeder Snails (10)

Excellent feeders for loaches, pufferfish, Oscars, etc or a small cleanup crew. NOTE: the order will mostly consist of a mix of baby/juvenile snails and maybe a few adults. Baby/Juvenile...
Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus) - Windy City Aquariums

Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus)

Microsorum Pteropus, also commonly known as Java Fern, is a water fern originating from Indonesia. Ideally, it should be attached to rock or wood. If planted in a substrate, do not cover the...
Dwarf Sagittaria - Windy City Aquariums

Dwarf Sagittaria

Sagittaria Subulata, or more commonly known as Dwarf Sagittaria, is a great plant for aquarists new to planted tanks, it is relatively undemanding and will propagate readily to form an easy...