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Lead Plant Anchor Weights (10 pieces) - Windy City Aquariums

Lead Plant Anchor Weights (10 pieces)

Perfect for keeping aquatic plants from being uprooted, especially if they're new and have not established a strong root system yet. They will not rust and are safe to use...
Algae Cleaning Sponge

Algae Cleaning Sponge

$3.99 – $5.99
This Melamine Algae Sponge is an essential tool that should be in every aquarist's maintenance tool kit box. This is a great non-branded alternative to the magic eraser sponge, and it works...
Straight-T-Shape Airline Tubing Connectors (3-Count) - Windy City Aquariums

Straight-T-Shape Airline Tubing Connectors (10-Count)

Plastic airline connectors for mending or extending standard airline 4mm in diameter
UNS Magnetic Tool Bar

UNS Magnetic Tool Bar

The UNS Magnetic Tool Bar is an ideal accessory that will provide a seamless method to keep aquascaping tools organized and easily accessible. Designed to fit any surface, including all Ultum Nature...