Salvinia Cucullata is a less common floating plant that features cup-like leaves that display a soft green hue. Like other Salvinia species, Salvinia Cucullata is relatively undemanding and easy to keep. When compared to other commonly known floating aquatic plants, Salvinia Cucullata's root system is quite small and will not reach down into the aquarium tank with the potential to tangle aquatic stem plants, obstruct decor, or aquascape layouts.


NOTE: One portion is about 2x2inches, see third picture for portion size.

Salvinia Cuculatta

    • Care: Easy
    • Co2: Not required
    • Growth rate: Fast
    • Placement: Water surface
    • Lighting requirements:  Low to Medium
    • Color: Green
    • Propagation: Side Shoots
    • Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid 



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