5 plants for only $20 (U.P. $25+) and we'll even include a sample of our Osmocote Root Tabs for free! The only catch is that we get to choose the plants! The plants will range from any of the plants available on our website.
Feel free to let us know if you have any preferences, or would like us to give you plants that would be suitable for your tank specs (e.g. low-tech, medium-tech, high-tech), skill level (beginner, experienced, expert, etc) or livestock (e.g. goldfish, betta, discus, etc). We will do our best to give you plants based on whatever information you leave us. (: 
We will try to give you a range of plant types, such as background, midground, foreground, and floating plants if you don't leave us any information using the text box on the page or note at the checkout.
An example of things you can ask for: "more background plants", "I'd like some color other than green in my tank, please!", "I'm a newbie so please give me plants that are impossible to kill!", "give me plants that are goldfish proof"
This package should be suitable for a 5-gallon tank or even a 10-gallon depending on how densely planted you would like the tank to be.
We recommend these number of packages for the following tank sizes:
5 gallon: 1 package
10 gallon: 1-2 packages
20 gallon: 2-3 packages
NOTE: Since this plant package is already discounted, coupon codes will not apply for this! If you try to get around this we reserve the right to deduct the amount for shipping or any discounts from the value of this package. We also reserve the right to add any plants that may not be listed on the website, but we will ensure your package has a retail value of at least $25 or more. 

Mystery Plant Package (5 Plants)

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price


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