Mermaid Weed, also known as Saw-Tooth Hygro, has the potential to make a dramatic statement in any tank in which it is planted. Its leaves start out a vibrant green color with choppy, serrated edges. When allowed to grow under high-intensity lighting, the leaves will become more bristle-like, resembling tiny, delicate combs. Additionally, the leaves will gradually change from just green to a variety of pink and golden hues.


This plant is considered moderately difficult to grow and maintain, so it may not be ideal for beginning aquatic plant enthusiasts. If kept under insufficient lighting and/or water lacking in nutrients, Mermaid Weed tends to shed its leaves.  Carbon dioxide injection is highly recommended for this plant to truly thrive.


NOTE: Each bunch is around 4-5 stems.

Mermaid Weed (Proserpinaca Palustris) Potted

    • Care: medium
    • Co2: not required but highly recommended
    • Growth rate: slow
    • Placement: midground-background
    • Lighting requirements: medium
    • Color: green, but can turn copper or red under high lighting
    • Propagation: stem cuttings
    • Max size: 12 inches+
    • Preferred Fertilizer: Root Tabs and Liquid



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