Ludwigia repens Red Narrowleaf grows to a maximum height of 15-20 inches, and if left untrimmed, it can creep along the water's surface.  This aquatic plant shows its best colors in moderate to high light conditions.  In higher lighting conditions, it can grow even faster, and its leaves will display a vibrant red hue on both sides of its leaves.


NOTE: Each bunch is around 4-5 stems.

Ludwigia Repens Red Narrowleaf

    • Care: medium
    • Co2: not required but recommended
    • Growth rate: slow-medium
    • Placement: midground-background
    • Lighting requirements: medium
    • Color: red
    • Propagation: stem cuttings
    • Max size: 12 inches+
    • Preferred Fertilizer: Root Tabs and Liquid



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