Microsorum pteropus, also commonly known as Java Fern, is a water fern from Asia, 15-30 cm tall. To be grown on a root or stone, attached with fishing line until it has gained a hold. If planted in the bottom, do not cover the rhizome because it will rot. Easy to propagate by splitting the horizontal rhizome. A hardy plant that grows in all conditions. The black spots under the leaves are sporangia (reproductive organs), not signs of disease, as many believe.


The java fern comes as an individual plant as shown in the second and third picture

Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus)

    • Care: easy
    • Co2: not required
    • Growth rate: slow-moderate
    • Placement: on rocks or wood, or midground to background
    • Lighting requirements: low-moderate
    • Color: green
    • Propagation: rhizome division
    • Max size: 12 inches+
    • Preferred Fertilizer: Root Tabs (if roots are buried) or Liquid (if roots not buried)


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