Hygrophila Pinnatifida originates from India. It obtains brown, patched leaves on the surface with a distinctive burgundy color underneath. The leaves can range from brown, purple, red, green or yellow depending on the conditions that its kept in.It creates horizontal side shoots and the top shoots should be pinched out in order to maintain compact and attractive growth. The horizontal side shoots can be attached to driftwood or rocks. 



Hygrophila Pinnatifida

    • Care: medium
    • Co2: not required but highly recommended
    • Growth rate: moderate
    • Placement: midground
    • Lighting requirements: medium
    • Color: green
    • Propagation: stem cuttings, new growth, or lateral shoots
    • Max size: 8 inches+
    • Preferred Fertilizer: Root Tabs or Liquid (depending how it's planted)


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