Known by a variety of names including Pagoda snail, Horned Armour Snail, and Porcupine Snail most commonly; this intriguing snail is found in small rivers located in Thailand. These snails are known for breeding and giving birth to live young and serve a useful purpose in tanks as they actively sift the substrate and scavenge for food. Due to its natural habitat of fast-flowing bodies of water, this species prefers oxygenated water; and will do well under high flow rates. It gets its name from the conical shell shape with various protrusions, resembling armor. To maintain optimum health, consider supplementing their diet with various vegetable or algae wafer supplements or Snello. 


The snails you will receive are around 1-2inches. These snails can grow up to 2 inches or more!


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Horned Pagoda Snail




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