Nymphaea stellata, or the Dwarf Aquarium Lily, is a colorful bulb plant that is well known from its triangular leaves and varying colorations (green, orange, red etc) it develops as it grows. Unlike the tiger lotus, the dwarf aquarium lily typically only grows to about 5 inches, making it a perfect foreground or mid-ground showpiece!


We suggest keeping it in nutrient-rich substrate or to substitute nutrients via Root Tabs as Dwarf Aquarium Lilies are heavy root feeders.


NOTE: The bulb(s) you receive may have few or no leaves. You may receive a sealed package containing dry bulbs that have not been grown underwater yet.

Dwarf Aquarium Lily Bulb

    • Care: Easy
    • Co2: not required
    • Growth rate: medium-fast
    • Placement: midground or background
    • Lighting requirements: low-medium
    • Color: green, orange, red
    • Max size: 5+ inches
    • Preferred Fertilizer: Root Tabs


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