Vallisneria Asiatica, also commonly known as Contortion "Giant Corkscrew" Vallisneria, is an attractive, easy, beginner-friendly plant with tightly twisted light green leaves and can do well in almost any aquarium. It originates from Japan and is a larger version of the normal Corkscrew Vallisneria. They're great at creating a jungle-like appearance in your aquarium. Vals are grass-like plants that spread along with side shoots and can grow to the height of your aquarium. They are heavy root feeders so it is advised to plant them in a nutrient-rich substrate or to supplement nutrients with root tabs.


NOTE: each portion comes as a bunch of 2-3 nodes

Contortion"Giant Corkscrew" Vallisneria

  • Care: easy
    Co2: not required 
    Growth rate: moderate
    Placement: midground-background
    Lighting requirements: low-moderate
    Color: green
    Propagation: cutting the mother node/side shoots
    Max size: 25 inches+
    Preferred Fertilizer: Root Tabs



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