Our betta hammocks are naturalistic soft leaf which allows your Betta to rest near the surface of the water just like they do in nature! Since Bettas have a labyrinth organ and often take in gulps of air at the surface of the water, it also allows your Betta to stay close to the surface for easy access to oxygen. This is especially important if you have a long finned Betta as longer fins make it more difficult for the Betta to swim around. So, if you want to create a fun and comfortable spot for your Betta to catch a snooze, we highly recommend getting one!


Our Betta leaf hammocks have been personally approved by our resident Betta, Sir Starburst, who is an expert napper. (Scroll to the 2nd picture to see him taking a nap on his hammock)


NOTE: We suggest attaching it near the top of your Betta's tank (around 1-2inches away from the surface of the water) using the suction cup attached to the hammock.

Betta Leaf Hammock



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