Aponogeton Capuronii, which is named after René Paul Raymond Capuron, is a large bulb plant that grows long and curly leaves as is native to southeastern Madagascar. It is extremely decorative with its strongly curled, transparent leaves and grows very tall making it perfect for taller aquariums. Aponogeton Capuronii bears similar characteristics to Aponogeton Ulvaceus except the leaves are narrower and curlier and it is still relatively rare in the hobby!


NOTE: The bulb(s) you receive will be a dry bare bulb with no leaves. 

Aponogeton Capuronii (Bulb Only)

    • Care: easy
    • Co2: not required 
    • Growth rate: medium
    • Placement: midground or background
    • Lighting requirements: low-moderate
    • Color: green
    • Max size: 20+ inches
    • Preferred Fertilizer: Root Tabs


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