Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia is a very beautiful, low cultivar of Anubias barteri. It is characteristic that the leaves arch considerably between the leaf ribs, and the new leaves are red-brown. The color combination and leaf shape make it an attractive variety in both large and small aquariums. Like virtually all Anubias plants, it is extremely hardy, undemanding, and can thrive in a variety of water parameters, including aquariums with low light conditions. 

Anubias Barteri "Coffeefolia"

    • Care: easy
    • Co2: not required
    • Growth rate: slow-moderate
    • Placement: on rocks/wood, foreground
    • Lighting requirements: low-moderate
    • Color: green, brown
    • Propagation: rhizome cutting
    • Max size: 1-2 inches
    • Preferred Fertilizer: Root Tabs or Liquid (depending on how its planted)



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