Excellent feeders for loaches, pufferfish, Oscars, etc or a small cleanup crew.


NOTE: the order will mostly consist of a mix of juvenile snails and maybe a few adults depending on what we have in stock. 


If one regards an aquarium as an independent ecological system, snails (and also other invertebrates such as shrimps) cover a useful, almost irreplaceable function. They do not exclusively eat biofilms and growths - and are therefore important algivores - but they also eat all the “dirt” that’s accumulating in your tank. More specifically sludge, fish dung, dead plant parts, carcasses, and food leftovers. All of these things contain organic substances that - if not utilized -increase the water load and also the number of bacteria in the water. Snails eat organic garbage. As so-called consumers, they process food leftovers and pass them down the food chain. Finally, bacteria and other microorganisms - the decomposers - break up the remnants into their mineral constituents.


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5-7 Blue/Gray Ramshorn Snails



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