Foreground aquarium plants are naturally low-growing aquatic plant species that should ideally be placed at the base of an aquascape, in the front of the midground area. Some of these foreground aquarium plants can also be used as carpeting plants and can be grown into a lush carpet of greenery in the front of a tank.

Fissidens Nobilis Moss 3x3 inch Mat


Fissidens Nobilis is a rare aquarium moss that is native to Southeast Asia. It has unique feathery-like leaves that can spread easily once rooted and established. Unlike most other mosses it can be...

Giant Baby Tears


Giant Baby Tears (Micranthemum umbrosum), grows taller than all other Baby Tear plants such as Dwarf Baby Tears. It can be used as a midground or background plant due to how...

Cryptocoryne Parva


Cryptocoryne Parva is an easy low light plant that originates from Sri Lanka. It's one of the smallest cryptocoryne species and is one of the few species that does not...

Subwassertang Moss


Subwassertang (Lomariopsis Lineata) is a rarer aquarium moss whose name (Süsswassertang) translates to "freshwater seaweed" in German. It is a free-floating aquatic plant that is well-loved by many aquarium hobbyists as it is...

Cryptocoryne Undulata


Cryptocoryne Undulata is a common and popular plant that originates from Sri Lanka, and is a perfect for beginners. It has wide leaves that can either be bright green or a bronze-red color...

Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Brown"


Cryptocoryne Wendtii "Brown" is a common and popular plant, perfect for beginners. It thrives in a wide range of water conditions and will do well even in low-lighting. Information: Care: Easy CO2:...

Hottonia Palustris


Hottonia Paulstris is an uncommon aquatic plant with light green feathered leaves that can be found in cooler wetland areas in Europe and northern Asia. It is most suitable as a foreground or...

Piptospatha Ridleyi


Piptospatha Ridleyi is a rare plant originating from Borneo that has unique dark green leaves which can develop a light green variegation. It belongs in the same family as Bucephalandras,...

Bucephalandra on Lava Rock


In nature, Bucephalandra usually grows on rocks or wood in rivers and streams - much like Anubias, which they resemble regarding use and care in the aquarium. Bucephalandra is an easy,...

Anubias Nana Pinto


Anubias Nana Pinto, also known as Anubias Nana Marbled White, is a variegated variant of Anubias nana that has been cultivated through many generations of careful selection. Each leaf is unique...

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